Climacell 707 – Eco line

  • laboratory incubator – it always creates the right climate
  • chamber volume 707 litres
  • temperature range: from 0°C to 100°C without humidity, from 10° C to 90° C with humidity
  • patented cooling system (environment-friendly working medium R 134a) and air flow in the chamber ensure fast and accurate distribution of the selected temperature and humidity in the chamber and thus the ideal process of sample heating and reduction of moisture condensation in the chamber
  • offers high operation comfort, precise temperature control, possibility of achieving extremely short times of temperature changes and short times of temperature and humidity equalization in the chamber after the door opening
  • suitable for use in research on germs, plant or tissue cultures, insects, stability tests, etc.
  • comfortable design with multi-processor Fuzzy logic control system, controls placed on a foil keyboard, process information displayed on LED display.
  • wide selection of optional equipment and accessories
  • output for connecting a printer or PC
  • possibility of validation (IQ, OQ)


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