Tecniplast ISOCAGE N and ISOCAGE P systems have been respectively designed for laboratory animal biocontainment and bioexclusion needs and offer the latest state-of-the-art technology to work in such sensitive environments.

These types of equipment offer even higher performance levels thanks to the availability of the DVC® technology for the Tecniplast ISO cages designed for laboratory mice.

More specifically, the Digital Ventilated Cage ISO (DVC®ISO) is a unique and revolutionary home-cage monitoring system, designed for standard Tecniplast ISO cages for mice, made up of a mix of electronics and software components to collect a set of information directly from the home cage (i.e. Tecniplast ISOCAGE N and ISOCAGE P) in the home rack.

This DVC®ISO technology has been designed to provide unique benefits to the Facility Managers and the Researchers working with the ISOCAGE N and P systems.

More specifically, regarding the Facility Managers, the main benefits of the DVC®ISO technology are:

  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of the spontaneous animal locomotion to complement and support the daily animal welfare check.
  • 24/7 animal loss prevention due to unexpected water floods.
  • Real-time cage tracking system: DVC® features an automated cage tracking system that in real-time collects these data for you: all the information you need for billing purposes is just one click away!
  • Evaluation of the bedding condition to standardise cage conditions and avoid unnecessary animal handlings.

Regarding the Researcher’s benefits, the DVC® technology offers the possibility to collect 24/7 overall animal activity data from the home cage without disturbing the animals (Tecniplast ISOCAGE N/P mouse cages). Moreover, thanks to our validated digital biomarkers, these data are translated into valuable insights and novel findings to complement your studies, without any other effort than simply housing animals in their home cage.

More specifically, we have developed a dedicated platform called DVC® Analytics, where you can collect, filter, analyze and display your data to get the utmost from your experiments. Please refer to the dedicated DVC® Analytics section to discover more.




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