Vertical Ultraslime


The K Line  represents the state-of-the-art of ULT freezers down to -90°C with innovative technical solutions and great variability of configurations.

Thanks to the deep work of R&D department and the experience gained in 70 years of activity, a complete line of ULT freezers is available with maximum grade of performances and reliability with the lower energy consumption and a complete connectivity through the cloud.

UP version

The UP version of ULT freezers grants the maximum temperature stability with reduced energy consumption. The compressors with inverters grant a lower noise level, and, thanks to the continuous operation, guarantee a perfect temperature stability.


ficheiro-pdfFicha Técnica K58US HTSficheiro-pdfFicha Técnica K60US HTSficheiro-pdfFicha Técnica K62US HTSficheiro-pdfFicha Técnica K66US HTS


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