Sistemas de Purificação de Água

Ultrapure Lab Water Systems

Unique combination of optimized water purification and monitoring technologies

Ultrapure and Pure Lab Water Systems

 Fully-integrated, all-in-one water purification systems

Ultrapure and RO Lab Water Systems

Ideal for a reliable, constant production of Reverse Osmosis and a small amount of Type 1 water

Pure or RO Lab Water Systems

Sustainable central pure water solutions for small laboratories

RO Lab Water Systems

Essential systems ideal for non-critical laboratory applications

CLRW (Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water) from Tap Water

Economical and reliable high-performance water purification systems for clinical analyzers

NEPTEC Analyzer Feed Systems produce Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) with reduced water consumption and low running costs.

The most advanced technologes ensure a reliable, constant source of clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) that complies with CLSI guidelines.

All systems are characterised by low running costs, a large intuitive touch screen and little maintenance.

Full monitoring of the water quality all other relevant parameters help to fulfill accreditation needs.

With various options like degassing membrane, EDI, Polishing module, Sterile Filter, Emergency Supply and many more.


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