GEM Series

As a leading company in the supply of gemological microscopes, OPTIKA offers a series of microscopes purposely designed for this sector by using both brightfield and darkfield methods
OPTIGEM-10 and OPTIGEM-20. This series has been designed and manufactured in order to satisfy the requests of a very demanding industry; brightfield/darkfield, immersion analysis, light color temperature: no detail has been left to chance.

Specifically Designed for Specialists
Gemological stereomicroscopes are meant to help with stone inspection. Jewels and gems have a variety of grades (or quality levels), which ultimately influence their value and cost on the market; therefore it is important to have solutions that are purposely designed for gemology. These stereomicroscopes are equipped with iris and darkfield condenser on the bottom light source, and with a set of on stage tweezers to hold the stone in place.

Much More Than Gemological Stereomicroscopes
OPTIGEM-10 & OPTIGEM-20 are two-in-one gemology instruments that can be used both in vertical and horizontal position in a very easy way, just by turning one knob (no disassembling and re-assembling operations are required). The horizontal position extends the use of a gemological microscope, giving the possibility to perform immersion analysis by submerging a sample in liquid. If the stone’s refractive index is close to the liquid’s one, immersion makes the interior more visible by reducing the effects of refraction and surface reflection. This enables you to see a gem’s inclusions or color distribution more easily.


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